Preview and Review: Bad Country (2014)


Preview: Bad Country is a very new movie that is inspired my true events. Keep in mind I have not seen it yet, and it is arriving to theaters at April 29th. It is a crime drama, somewhat trying to replicate movies such as The Departed and The Usual Suspects. Since those movies are so amazing, you can probably guess this one won’t be great. The most I am expecting it to be is mildly entertaining and maybe have a decent twist or something.

Review: This movie starts out with an undercover cop called “Bud” Carter who buys emeralds and diamonds from criminals, then captures and kills a few of them once they find out he is a cop. This movie actually has some good things going for it. The screenplay isn’t awful and if the acting was much better, and the script was tuned more, this could be a decent movie.

Bad COuntry


It has a pretty interesting plot: A southern popular cop interrogates a perp who tells him about a criminal involved in major crime. so he goes and arrests him for a comical amount of charges. something like 20 counts of armed robbery, 17 counts of stolen goods, the list goes on. The cop gets a brilliant idea that this criminal is involved in much more than he was arrested for so he “hires” him as a rat. Jesse Weiland, the criminal, starts telling the Louisiana Police where dead bodies lie. Jesse’s family is executed by Jesse’s former boss, without a reason shown in the film, and Jesse vows revenge. Then, all of these events culminate in a movie-ending firefight. Turns out, as opposed to my preview, there isn’t a significant twist, yet the gunfire bores the viewer and ends like every other bad crime movie. Bud Carter is seen as a hero despite that he broke as many laws as Jesse Weiland in order to take down what it seemed like as 12 bad guys or something.

Overall Grade: F


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